Wall Murals - Printing by PRGStudios.com

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A Wall Mural is basically a print that is designed to cover a vast portion (or all) of a wall. The mural is printed on multiple sheets of adhesive backed wallpaper and these sheets are attached to a wall so that the edges align. Once all the sheets are attached, a very large photograph results - literally, a wall-sized photograph.

A Wall Mural is constructed from multiple strips of 3 foot wide adhesive backed repositionable vinyl wallpaper. The adhesive does not leave a residue on the wall so that a mural can be taken down with a minimum of fuss if need be. The mural is printed with about 1" of overlap between the panels to help make a seemless picture when the installation is completed - one of the last steps in the install process is to take a straight-edge and a razorblade and cut down the middle of the overlap to form a flat, perfect transition between the seems.

Due to the extreme enlargements being done in the creation of a Wall Mural, a very high resolutioon image is essential for good results. For example: an image of 7,500 pixels by 5,000 pixels should be considered an absolute minimum image size for an 8 foot tall by 12 foot wide mural.

Of course, a smaller Wall Mural can easily be printed (for example: 6 foot tall by 9 foot wide). Other sizes - larger and smaller - and also be accommodated.

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