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A mirrored-edge gallery wrap print
A stretched-edge gallery wrap print
A color-edge gallery wrap print

PRGStudios is a leading provider of high-quality professional digital printing services for both the amateur and professional photographer. We are based out of Westland Michigan and provide high-quality photographic printing services throughout the United States.

The Gallery Wrap Canvas print is one of the most popular ways to display fine-art photographic prints. Gallery Wrap prints are available with a wide range of printing and finishing options. It is here where we will explain many of those options.

First of all, the type of canvas to print your image on is one of the most basic choices you will be presented with. This goes beyond the basic choices of Matte, Satin or Glossy, but also includes Smooth (sometimes called Professional), Textured (sometimes called Artist), Bright (Optical Brighteners added), Natural (no Optical Brighteners added), Archival (canvas designed to last over 100 years) and non-Archival.

A canvas print by itself does not require any surface protection. However, since a canvas print is not normally protected by a glass or plastic covering as you would get with a framed print, surface protection (called a print varnish) is highly recommended. Applying a print varnish to your gallery wrap print will guard against incidental staining from things like fingerprints and moisture. While you can certainly select to not have a print varnish applied to your gallery wrap print (something we strongly recommend against), we will by default apply 2 coats of print varnish to your gallery wrap print. Print varnish is available in matte, satin and glossy appearance.

Another choice you are presented with is the thickness of the stretcher bars for your gallery wrap print. Stretcher bars are the mechanism that give the gallery wrap print the appearance of depth by adding thickness to the print. Stretcher bars also provide rigidity to the gallery wrap print. Standard stretcher bars come in thicknesses of: 3/4", 1-1/4" and 1-1/2".

Next, with a gallery wrap print, you will have a visible edge on the print where you will have a choice on how these edges are printed. Typical choices available include mirrored, stretched, overprint, colored edge, or blank edge.

After that, you have options regarding how you want the back of the gallery wrap print finished. By default, a gallery wrap print will be open backed. As an option, the back of the gallery wrap print can have a backing board attached to give a cleaner finished look.

Please call or email us today to answer any questions you may have about our gallery wrap photo printing services!

An open back on a gallery wrap print
A finished back on a gallery wrap print