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Mackinaw Bridge Underside Ice - by Karl Wertanen
PRGStudios is a leading provider of high-quality professional digital printing services for both the amateur and professional photographer. We are based out of Westland Michigan and provide high-quality photographic printing services throughout the United States.

Fine Art prints are generally printed on thicker rag-type paper and meant for display or sale at art shows. These prints are rarely if ever "glossy". Even with this in mind, there are a very wide variety of fine art papers that all have very differing qualities about them. Some are smooth, some are textured, some are considered "velvet" or "watercolor" papers. Some are "natural" (no optical brighteners added to the paper). Some are rag, some are cotton, some are even bamboo. Some are warm tinted, some are cold tinted, some are even silver or gold tinted.

A good fine art print will easily last over 100 years when given reasonable care both when displayed as well as when stored. The make-up of the paper in a fine art print also will affect the longevity of that print. A good fine art print will not utilize any acids of any sort during its manufacture as acids used in the manufacturing of photo papers tend to cause the paper to deteriate over time. Chemicals like Optical Brightener Additives (known as OBA) should be avoided as they tend to cause a print to turn yellow with age. Our fine art prints are printed on acid-free, OBA-free fine art paper that is archival rated to last well over 100 years.

Due to the very wide varieties of fine art papers on the market today and their widely differing (and somewhat volitile) price points, it is not practical to give accurate example pricing for fine art prints. If you wish to get a quote for printing your fine art prints, please feel free to email or call.

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