Door Wraps - Printing by

Before and after picture of a Door Wrap
PRGStudios is a leading provider of high-quality professional digital printing services for both the amateur and professional photographer. We are based out of Westland Michigan and provide high-quality photographic printing services throughout the United States.

A Door Wrap quite simply is a door-sized (36"x84") piece of adhesive backed wallpaper that is printed with your high-resoluton image. A Door Wrap is reusable/repositionable and will not leave a residue when removed from the door.

A Door Wrap can transform an ordinary door into a work of art (or a witty message) for all to see.

A Door Wrap is best when installed on a clean, flat door with minimal decorations or contours present on the door. Installation of a Door Wrap is easily done in under an hour including the temporary removal of your door hardware. The door can remain mounted on its hinge when the Door Wrap is installed. The only tools required to install a Door Wrap are a sharp razor blade, a long metalic straight-edge and whatever tools you need to remove/reinstall the door hardware.

Due to the large size of the print, the image really needs to be high resolution - 5000 pixels top to bottom is an absolute minimum for a good quality result.

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